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I’ve given up hope

A short time after I joined the WordPress family, every flippin’ time I’d check my dashboard under “Top WordPress blogs” I’d see this annoying little sentence which read: “I Can Has Cheezburger.” Years later, thankfully, I no longer have to be reminded of the inanity of the human race when I check the top WordPress blogs. Unfortunately, there are plenty of other things to remind me every day that we live in a culture of distilled absurdity. But I digress…

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Who Will Be Elected President Of The United States In 2012?

Well, here we are just about  month away from the 2012 general election and it’s time to make another prediction. In case you didn’t know, I’ve predicted the last 4 general elections and now I’m prepared to wow you, yet, again with my political soothsaying.

Except it won’t be as much of a “wow” this time ’round because we all know who won’t win. Therefore we all know who will.

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