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Who Will Be Elected President Of The United States In 2012?

Well, here we are just about  month away from the 2012 general election and it’s time to make another prediction. In case you didn’t know, I’ve predicted the last 4 general elections and now I’m prepared to wow you, yet, again with my political soothsaying.

Except it won’t be as much of a “wow” this time ’round because we all know who won’t win. Therefore we all know who will.

It’s practically academic, actually. So there’s no point really beating that horse. Still, I have to get around to naming names, eventually. But before I do, I think the more salient question is why? Why is it that the guy who’s going to win… is going to win? It turns out the answer has more to do with human nature and the fact that our nature is (how can I put this delicately), the epitome of dipshittery in this country.

With all our real economic indicators firmly in the shitter and the country, for all intents and purposes, bankrupt, you have to marvel at the sheer stupidity of the electorate. Yes, I admit it; I’ve become an elitist in my old age. I no longer have hope in the Republic because I’ve lost hope in the people. Let us pause a moment to reflect and take inventory on the people, shall we? My theory is that the bulk of the American public is functionally insane and/or stupid. They simply don’t have an accurate bead on reality. These are people who believe what comes out the TV and the newspaper. They haven’t the attention span to realize when a question asked by a paid off media type was never answered by the person at whom the query was directed. Hell, they don’t even have the sense to ask the question in the first damned place. And if by some miracle the politician does get around to answering the question, the average American is too pig ignorant to understand the conversation. If ever, there is a bright center in political thinking, it sure as hell doesn’t exist in the minds of the people.

But is it any wonder? I mean if you have any doubt as to the utter buffoonery of the electorate on either side, just spend a few hours or a few minutes surfing the news and information sites and read the comments. Or you could hang out at any of the many social networking sites and read the drivel filling up the news feed by the second. My personal favorite is Facebook. It stands as a shining beacon for all that’s  idiotic in this Godforsaken land. For example, just today I saw an ad on there with musicians who were supporting Barack Obama. The musicians listed are all well known and until just prior to me seeing the ad, they were well respected by yours truly. Since I’m a musician myself, in seeing this ad, I reasoned that the person who posted it thought that it would somehow sway my opinion. I mean, hell..if Jeff Beck, Bob Dylan, and Stevie Wonder are supporting Obama, then that’s good enough for me. Really? That’s the level of reasoning I”m supposed to accept? That if some other musician (I used to respect) is voting for Obama, then I should too? Jeez… All that proves is that these guys don’t have the sense God gave a goat when it comes to politics or good government. Love your music guys, but you’re dumber than owl shit. And I have to say I’m feeling pretty damned insulted by the dorkwad who sent that post over.

On the other side of the aisle we have Mitt Romney a guy who, like Obama, is still going to take us over a cliff. That’s because what no one bothers to consider are the things these guys agree on as far as policy. For example, both are for never ending foreign wars and entanglements aka The War On Terror and American Colonialism. Both favor our current free trade policies, although recently I did hear Romney utter some nonsense about trade tariffs and corporate tax breaks for companies relocating their operations here, but we know that ain’t happenin’. First off let’s not forget who hold’s the man’s leash: the Republican Party. Second,  Trade tariffs mean higher prices for imports and most people can barely afford them now, due to an ever weakening dollar fueled by hyperinflation and high energy costs, which leads me to my next point. Both of these douche bags are for continuing our love affair with the FED. Finally, both men will continue to expand the federal government, recklessly spending us into oblivion. Romney can say what he wants to the contrary. But I’ve heard it all before. And you have too. The difference here, is that I have learned from my mistakes. Those of you voting for either of these men, thinking that they’re going to fix this shit storm were in are effing crazy…or stupid…or both.

So, to recap, it’s Obama this year…again. Happy trails friends and good luck with the apocalypse.


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