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The Death Of The Republican Party

As of this writing, the GOP is DOA. The majority of conservatives in this country still don’t realize it. Some are even clinging to an old truism from when John McCain ran against Obama, that the reason we lost the White House this time around was because we aren’t conservative enough. In McCain’s case, that was certainly true. But not anymore.

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Hope, Change And The Shortsidedness Of The People…

This is dedicated to my many liberal friends. May they one day realize that halls of despotism are filled with ideologues. These are the same people who learn nothing from history and cannot connect the dots between cause and effect. May you one day realize the awful truth: History repeats itself because of your ignorance, your apathy, and your inability to remember.

Yet, another grim reminder that the price of hope and change is upholding the status-quo. Here’s to more of the same,  Mr. President.

Another prediction comes to fruition: Wacky Baracky Wins A Second Term!

Well, I hate to say I told you so my fellow conservatives, but….I told you so. Last General Election I predicted Barack Obama’s victory and this time around was no exception.

While I waxed philosophical as to the reason(s) Obama would win again, I had but a sliver of hope that the arrogant bastard would lose anyway. Alas my political soothsaying proved too powerful for even an entire nation of imbeciles to overcome.

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