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Another prediction comes to fruition: Wacky Baracky Wins A Second Term!

Well, I hate to say I told you so my fellow conservatives, but….I told you so. Last General Election I predicted Barack Obama’s victory and this time around was no exception.

While I waxed philosophical as to the reason(s) Obama would win again, I had but a sliver of hope that the arrogant bastard would lose anyway. Alas my political soothsaying proved too powerful for even an entire nation of imbeciles to overcome.

But I’m not as bothered by Obama’s victory as I am the arrogance, the bias, and the absolute giddiness of the left-wing media as they made no attempt to hide their sycophantic devotion to Obama for the entire evening. Even now I have to consciously resist the urge to vomit.

There’s another reason I’m not as disappointed as you might suppose with Obama’s victory. The fact is, things wouldn’t have been that much better under a Romney presidency. They may have even been worse.  And with the  House of Representatives clearly in the Red, we have almost the best possible scenario, given the current political climate. I’m alluding to every American’s unknown political ace in the hole, divided government.

The fact is, divided government means Uncle Sugar is too fucking busy with infighting to get “things” done…things like raising my taxes, shredding the constitution, and taking away my liberty. Americans are woefully stupid, ignorant, and just plain moronic when it comes to UNdivided government. That is why they long for it, dream about it, vote for it… They don’t have either the attention span or the brains to remember, much less learn, from past mistakes. If there’s anything that history (even very recent history) has shown, it’s whenever there’s a ruling class on the hill, they’ll do far more harm than good. They will run roughshod over will of the people. They will put forth and pass every kind of contemptible legislation. They will fulfill the roles of despots everywhere.

So it is with a strange mixture of angst and peaceful resignation that I congratulate President Obama on his victory. The next four years will be much worse than the last four. This president has no idea how to govern and not a clue as to how to deal with the most pressing problems facing our nation. But rest assured; it will be no picnic for the him either, as he tries desperately to get his initiatives passed with a GOP House. I reckon he’ll have to compromise. The house will have to do the same. Perhaps in that process they’ll move the country forward. But don’t hold your breath. Our leaders are much like the dumbasses who elected them.


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