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The Death Of The Republican Party

As of this writing, the GOP is DOA. The majority of conservatives in this country still don’t realize it. Some are even clinging to an old truism from when John McCain ran against Obama, that the reason we lost the White House this time around was because we aren’t conservative enough. In McCain’s case, that was certainly true. But not anymore.

As of November 6th 2012, smart conservatives have realized the awful truth: We are no longer the big tent party. Our numbers are dwindling while the numbers of the enemy are growing. There are only two alternatives now for GOP, (1) Abandon the core ideals of the party in an effort to appeal to Latinos, women, and young voters or (2) Stay true to those ideals and be marginalized in every general election from now until the Apocalypse. I’m predicting the party will do the former. The problem in either case is that the outcome has the same net result: the party is dead and along with it, the traditional values of ma and apple pie.

It was a moment in history I will always remember as the moment we officially went beyond the tipping point. There’s no going back now. There’s no reigning in the liberal element or the emergent entitlement class in the U.S. We are destined for a European style America. And although I hate the GOP almost as much as the liberals do. I am somewhat saddened because I have no idea what will fill the void. As hard as it is to imagine, a reinvented GOP is probably worse than what it has become in the last two decades.

So a good many of you, like me, will find yourself even more at odds with the GOP and even more alienated. But I have some advice for you. I recommend you get on the public dole ASAP…while you still can. If you wait to get on board the entitlement train, you will be left for dead. And make no mistake; while it isn’t the end of the world, it’s going to be a rough ride…one which will get increasingly ugly when the money is gone and the resources aren’t available courtesy of Team Obama or whoever happens to be in office when the shit hits the fan.

November 6th, 2012


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