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BenghaziGate, The IRS Scandal, And now this…

As more truth comes to light in the so-called wake of Benghazi and the IRS scandal, it becomes abundantly clear that this whole thing will not amount to shit. Of course, I’ve said it all along. But that’s not why I’m writing today.

I’m writing today because my ire has once again been raised by the evil canootering of the leftwing media and the blindingly stupid reaction of the idiotic leftwing masses. Yes, folks they are stupid..but no more stupid than your garden variety rightwinger.

Moving on..we come to the reason for all of this zagnut shrillness, the CBS “news report” that Republicans altered emails in order to frame el presidente. The blind rage and utterly imbecilic reaction is, of course, predictable. We are, after all, dealing with a group of people who are dumber than owl shit. But it’s still driving me effing bananas. It’s as if most everyone has lost the capacity these days to think critically. (I think they have.) It makes me almost as bat shit crazy as they are.

But why on earth would I think that the outrage at Republicans altering emails to frame President Obama is stupid? Because, my dear friends, they didn’t do it, that’s why. The first rule in journalism is to always consider the source. The GOP is guilty of a lot of things, most notably selling out the base many, many moons ago, but in this case they’re only guilty of drinking tainted water. The email excerpts, which were given to them by a high ranking dorkwad from the state department were never altered by them. They simply passed on the information that was given them from the dumbass source. In other words, this guy told them about the emails and then they leaked it. In the meantime, they were trying like hell to get the actual emails from the White House, which they did finally release…and wonder of wonders the actual emails didn’t match perfectly. But they never altered anything. And think about it; we wouldn’t even  have the legit emails if the Republicans, the  same Republicans who released the recollected emails hadn’t pushed for them in the first damned place. Do you really think they would  have pushed to get emails released, knowing that those same emails were going to discredit them. Of course not.

But you can’t tell the fucking loony assed left that, because like pretty much everyone else in the world, they only believe what they want to believe, no matter what the evidence is, and since they’re incapable of critical thought, well…you know the rest of the story. I am just completely disgusted with the stupidity of what looks like the entire God damned world.

As previously stated, not that the GOP was going to do anything with regard to Benghazi, the IRS, or any of the other myriad scandals involving this administration or their (how does one say it) cling-ons. A few lower level sacrificial lambs…cronies placed on the chopping block for the sake of the real decision makers at the top of the political food chain. We all know (well those of us with half a brain) that these hearings are just a dog and pony show to, you know, placate the dumber than all hell, rightwing electorate, at least until the next big idiotic political commentary banner posted in their facebook or twitter feeds. Fuck!


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