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Obamacare, Business, and John Schnatter

While my good friend, Triction, is on the subject of corporate pizza providers gouging customers and employees with their totally made up out of thin air delivery fee, I thought I’d take a minute to address the insufferable, neoliberal gasbags at Huffington Post, DailyKos, et al.

And what are they bitching about these days? Well…among other things they aren’t happy about the price of their fast food going up…again. More than that, they are mad as Hell at the messenger who informed them of the reason(s) for the price hike. In this case, John Schnatter, the CEO and owner of the national pizza chain, Papa John’s.

When asked in a not so recent interview about the impact of Obamacare on his business, Schnatter responded that the price of his product would, likely, have to be raised in order to pay for Obamacare. A common sense answer from a business owner, right? You’d like to think  so, but remember, you’re dealing with liberwocks here. These are people who’s highest value is, well…themselves. They’re adult children…or maybe children in adult bodies. That’s why they go effing bananas when you give them hard facts of life. What kind of facts? Oh, I dunno; that there is a cost to everything. That there really is such a thing as personal responsibility, autonomy, and causality. That free health care is, um…NOT FREE!! Imagine that! (okay, it is for some people.)

As an example, I will attempt to elucidate for the liberals which might be reading. Not that it’ll matter, because just like their neocon counterparts, liberals suffer, in varying degrees, from Borderline Personality Disorder, that is they live in a world apart from reality. Anyone who challenges that fantasy world with the truth is seen as the embodiment of evil, a liar of the first order, and worthy of death. So indoctrinated are they, that they are incapable of accepting hard facts. Otherwise, their fragile egos, which are built on these myths, will simply collapse under the weight of the truth.

But I digress: First cold hard fact: Obamacare increases the cost of doing business. Second cold hard fact, whenever the cost of business is increased a decision must be made by the business owner in order to do one or more of the following: (A) survive (B) remain viable (C) remain profitable. Now, liberals, this next part is difficult I know, but please try to comprehend this: The businessman’s decision is not just about survival, but profitability. Profit happens in the margin between what it costs to operate a business and my markup. If you increase my operating expenses, it cuts into my margin. That means the business in question loses money. Now follow this; businesses don’t exist to lose money; they exist to make money. If a business isn’t making money, then it will not exist long. Therefore in order to stay afloat, the business with increased operating expenses must do one or more of the following if it is to maintain its profit margin: (A) cut man hours (B) cut staff and or services (C) raise his prices on goods and/or services. That’s just a fact of life. When you increase the cost of doing business, that cost is going to be passed on to consumers with possible repercussions in staffing and services. I know you effing morons don’t really get it, but that’s the truth.

Did you really think that healthcare could be provided (now mandated) for the entire country at no cost to you….you freeloading, me-first, entitlement Nazis? Hmmmm???? Did you??? Really? Seriously???? This is what happens when you divorce cause from effect. You end up with an entire generation of dumb-asses, who believe the world revolves around them. And if someone else has more, that must be the reason I have less. This entitles me to take what doesn’t belong to me. That is the “logic” being used, along with a generous dose of self-righteousness. Recently, I heard that these same people are now calling for boycotts of Papa Johns. Unlike the previous consideration, a boycott is actually their right. Problem is that just like the Occupy crowd, their angst is completely misplaced.  Their heads are so far up their collective asses that they don’t even realize their boycott is hurting the very people they claim to care about. What a bunch of fucking, sanctimonious, hypocritical douche bags.

To summarize, unless you’re a liberal (or a neoconservative), this really isn’t that hard to understand. The long and short of it is that behavior follows money. Anytime our precious government gives people incentives to cut jobs, freeze/decrease wages, or raise the prices on goods and services, you can bet that those incentives will bear fruit. In this case, Obamacare, not surprisingly, does just that. It gives employers incentives to cut hours, cut staff, cut wages and/or raise the prices of their goods and services, precisely because it incentivizes these effects by increasing the cost of doing business. Now that we all understand how Obamacare impacts many businesses, we can start coming to terms with one of the reasons our money is buying even less than it did yesterday and for you rational types, the bastards who are responsible.  Perhaps John Schnatter should change his catch phrase to Papa Johns: Inferior Pizza, better Obamacare. Or Papa Johns: Cheaper Ingredients, Better Health Insurance…or maybe Papa Johns: Smaller Pizzas, Bigger Government. 



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