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Conservatives screwed yet again in vote to re-elect Boehner as Speaker for a 3rd term

Fuck! I know it’s crass, but I’ve been saying that a lot lately, because the establishment continues to do what it does best…fuck us over. And only the base isn’t smart enough to see through it.

Thankfully, no one but the NSA reads this blog, so I can pretty much write whatever I want without fear of offending anyone.

About a month and a half ago I got a letter from one of my conservative PACs. They’re very good at keeping me abreast of the corn-holing going on both at home and in Washington, courtesy of those flaming fucking dickholes on the hill.

In this particular case, they were trying to get me to call my legislators because of the massive Cromnibus, which I refuse to get into now…except to say it’s yet another example of you and I getting a big fat red hot um…”poker” up the ass. But my point is that I didn’t bother calling anyone…because I know something that political activists don’t. Shhhhhhhh…come closer; it’s a secret. Ready? Here it is: Calling your legislator or, for that matter, writing your legislator is a complete waste of your precious time. Why? Because they don’t give a flying fuck what you think. They simply don’t care people. They have their agenda and as long as you’re not a threat to their continued free lunch at your expense, they won’t listen. I’ve been playing this cursed game for 3 decades. Trust me; they don’t give a flip. I should probably amend that to most don’t give a flip. There are a handful that actually do. But the rest are lower than fucking pond scum and you can call, write, wire or use telepathy, but those dipshits aren’t going to listen.

So when I got the plea to contact my legislator (as I’ve done over the past 30 effing years with nothing to show for it), I passed. I knew  the Cromnibus was a slam dunk. And guess what happened? It was a slam dunk. They passed it. What worse, those bastards that you dumb shits keep electing passed it without reading it. All this went down with the Boehner’s blessing or rather with him holding a gun to the heads of those who would dare to question the ethics of voting for legislation without even reading it.

This brings me to why I’m blogging tonight. It’s the re-election (should I call it that?) of John Boehner as Speaker of the House. Right on time, my conservative PAC friends sent me another solicitation to contact my legislators and tell them to vote NO on Boehner and YES on someone else. True to form I declined. Because I knew all along  how that story was going to end. And now we know the REST OF THE STORY.  That fucking Benedict Arnold sonofabitch got elected AGAIN!! Goddammit! Why am I angry? I knew it was going to happen. I fucking knew it. But it is so maddening to watch these motherfuckers continue to get away with murder. Where’s the justice? Where??

But it’s really not John that I’m angry with. (Can you believe it?) It’s the those low-life, cock sucking, yellow, spineless squid, assholes who elected him to a third term as Speaker. It’s the gutless motherfuckers who dare to call themselves conservatives who voted for him. You bile swilling pieces of shit! Burn in fucking hell! BASTARDS!!!!

Okay. Well, guess that’s about all I have to say about that.



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