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Conservatives screwed yet again in vote to re-elect Boehner as Speaker for a 3rd term

Fuck! I know it’s crass, but I’ve been saying that a lot lately, because the establishment continues to do what it does best…fuck us over. And only the base isn’t smart enough to see through it.

Thankfully, no one but the NSA reads this blog, so I can pretty much write whatever I want without fear of offending anyone.

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Rand Paul makes a deal with the Devil

Tis a sad day, folks. I hang my head in shame. But it’s really Senator Paul who should be feeling guilty, throwing his lot in with an establishment, career politician like Mitch McConnell? For a guy whose image was virtually made by the Tea Party, a guy who has come to represent dissent and the anti-establishment, a guy who was the people’s senator, this is disgusting..

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John Boehner and establishment Republicans back more spending…um…again

After reading that John Boehner (pronounced Boner) showed his ass in a press conference where (God forbid) he was questioned about the establishment GOP backing the, uh…establishment, I can only think of one thing to say which sufficiently expresses my ire at the face who represents the so-called Republican Party… and that is FUCK YOU John Boehner!!!!!!! Capital F, capital U, capital C, capital K YOU!!!!! Yes, and for the rest of you fat, neotard career politician sons of bitches, a hardy Fuck You to you as well! Please go to fucking hell you worthless pieces of shit. And don’t forget to pay the toll on the sub express elevator to hell….GOIN’ DOWN!

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Obamacare, Business, and John Schnatter

While my good friend, Triction, is on the subject of corporate pizza providers gouging customers and employees with their totally made up out of thin air delivery fee, I thought I’d take a minute to address the insufferable, neoliberal gasbags at Huffington Post, DailyKos, et al.

And what are they bitching about these days? Well…among other things they aren’t happy about the price of their fast food going up…again. More than that, they are mad as Hell at the messenger who informed them of the reason(s) for the price hike. In this case, John Schnatter, the CEO and owner of the national pizza chain, Papa John’s.

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BenghaziGate, The IRS Scandal, And now this…

As more truth comes to light in the so-called wake of Benghazi and the IRS scandal, it becomes abundantly clear that this whole thing will not amount to shit. Of course, I’ve said it all along. But that’s not why I’m writing today.

I’m writing today because my ire has once again been raised by the evil canootering of the leftwing media and the blindingly stupid reaction of the idiotic leftwing masses. Yes, folks they are stupid..but no more stupid than your garden variety rightwinger.

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The Death Of The Republican Party

As of this writing, the GOP is DOA. The majority of conservatives in this country still don’t realize it. Some are even clinging to an old truism from when John McCain ran against Obama, that the reason we lost the White House this time around was because we aren’t conservative enough. In McCain’s case, that was certainly true. But not anymore.

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Hope, Change And The Shortsidedness Of The People…

This is dedicated to my many liberal friends. May they one day realize that halls of despotism are filled with ideologues. These are the same people who learn nothing from history and cannot connect the dots between cause and effect. May you one day realize the awful truth: History repeats itself because of your ignorance, your apathy, and your inability to remember.

Yet, another grim reminder that the price of hope and change is upholding the status-quo. Here’s to more of the same,  Mr. President.

Another prediction comes to fruition: Wacky Baracky Wins A Second Term!

Well, I hate to say I told you so my fellow conservatives, but….I told you so. Last General Election I predicted Barack Obama’s victory and this time around was no exception.

While I waxed philosophical as to the reason(s) Obama would win again, I had but a sliver of hope that the arrogant bastard would lose anyway. Alas my political soothsaying proved too powerful for even an entire nation of imbeciles to overcome.

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I’ve given up hope

A short time after I joined the WordPress family, every flippin’ time I’d check my dashboard under “Top WordPress blogs” I’d see this annoying little sentence which read: “I Can Has Cheezburger.” Years later, thankfully, I no longer have to be reminded of the inanity of the human race when I check the top WordPress blogs. Unfortunately, there are plenty of other things to remind me every day that we live in a culture of distilled absurdity. But I digress…

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‘Haters’ of all that is ‘good’ unite!

It’s good to be a politician…especially if you’re one who thinks being in public office is an excuse to spend recklessly. On the other hand, if you scrutinize the spending on a popular bill, you must have something against those who benefit from the legislation in question…to which I say, “duh”; but not for the reason you think.

I read an article today entitled, GOP slams Bush pledge to veto child health care; The Courier-Journal, September 21, 2007, A- section. (Yeah, I know it’s dated, so what?) The article in question clearly shows that neither Congress nor the president gives a damn about fiscal responsibility–an obvious fact to anyone not drinking the Kool-Aid. Eight years of Bush and the neoconservative movement have really given us all something to crow about. But hey, let’s not forget they had a lot of help from the Democratic Party.

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